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You’ve picked the date, you know the venue and you know exactly how you’re going to pop the all important question. The only thing missing is the engagement ring. Wouldn’t it be so simple if the perfect engagement ring would just magically appear in front of you? The ring of your partner’s dreams - one that they would be hard pressed to say no to? Well, chances are they aren’t going to say no to you in any case, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard to find that perfect engagement ring to make your big day extra special.

We don’t have to reiterate how important of a purchase an engagement ring is - you already know that. Proposing marriage to someone you love is no joke, and if there’s one thing you absolutely want to get right - it’s the engagement ring. One of the first steps of buying the engagement ring is research. You’re obviously good at it, which is probably why you’ve landed on this page in the first place. You may have heard of different styles of engagement rings being referred to when conducting your research and we’re sure the “classic” engagement ring style is

Being one of the four precious gemstones, rubies have been held in high esteem for centuries. A variety of the mineral aluminium oxide, ruby gets its blood-red colour due to the presence of an element called chromium. Rose gold on the other hand is a popular metal used in jewellery design, and is essentially gold mixed with copper, the latter lending it the beautiful rose colour we all love so much. Bright ruby set in rose gold is instantly elevated thanks to the warm glow emanated by the pink color of the metal. Rose gold ruby rings make for a

Earrings don’t get enough credit for the amount of glamour they add to your personal style statement. Necklaces and rings tend to steal most of the spotlight when it comes to jewellery but earrings deserve to be part of your everyday style for their sheer simplicity. Here are 8 simple earrings for women that might inspire you to flaunt your collection! 1. Simple Hoops An evergreen style for earrings and an absolute must have for any jewellery lover, simple hoop earrings are a lightweight and super stylish accessory. Their beauty lies in their simplicity, and the size of the hoops can make

Summer is round the corner and finally it’s going to be the season to bask in the glory of the sun, enjoy a swim at the beach and do all the fun outdoor things you’ve been dreaming of for months. Now that the world is slowly but steadily opening up to more outdoor activities, perhaps summer is also the season when you decide to put a ring on her! If you’ve been toying with the idea of a summer engagement, then allow us to help you make the decision with these 5 summer engagement ring ideas: 1. Sultry Solitaire The sultry Solitaire

We’ve all had those days when we’re just staring into our jewellery box, unsure of what piece to wear for the day. You would either try and put back everything, or simply reach out for that one piece of jewellery you’re always wearing. If you’re looking for styling tips that will help you make the most of your jewellery collection, then we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 jewellery styling tips you need to know to revamp your look! 1. The First Rule

Looking to jazz up your summer fashion statement with some gorgeous jewellery pieces? Why  not opt for handmade jewellery that is made by none other than you! Sure, you can check out unique jewellery brands to get your hands on some exclusive designs, but it’s way more rewarding to design and create your own personal piece of jewellery. Here are 12 marvellous DIY Ideas for Women’s Jewellery: 1. Lace Choker You can make yourself an alluring choker and all you need is a beautiful lace border, some ribbon to secure the edges, a clasp & hook set and a set of pliers!

Summer is round the corner and with summer comes the exciting season of cute halter tops and sun dresses that are best paired with beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery. We are always raving about the allure of handmade jewellery - whether it’s the uniqueness of the pieces, the high ethical value or the gorgeous designs. While you can (and you should) most certainly purchase handcrafted jewellery from independent sellers or boutique stores, making your own jewellery is also a fun little project you can take up this summer. With a few simple tools and a vast imagination, the possibilities are

Rings have long been regarded as symbolic of romantic love. Putting a ring on someone is to publicly acknowledge your intention and desire to spend the rest of your lives together. Whether it’s a promise ring, an engagement ring, a wedding ring or even an anniversary ring - each ring holds a special place in a couple’s journey of love. But is there a ring etiquette that you should know about? What happens to each ring as a new one is introduced into the relationship? Here’s Jewel Tree London’s tips on how to wear your wedding (and other) rings! The Promise

We are all constantly evolving our lifestyle and routine to keep up with the pandemic as well as all the health safety precautions that have become a constant in our life. Fashion enthusiasts for whom jewellery is part of their identity, have been busy trying to juggle their love for accessorizing and the need for frequent hand washing. Here’s Jewel Tree London’s take on what you need to know when it comes to Coronavirus and your jewellery. 1. Should you remove your hand jewellery before washing? Frequent and thorough hand washing is an essential step in the fight against Covid-19. Every single


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