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Jewellery And Covid-19

We are all constantly evolving our lifestyle and routine to keep up with the pandemic as well as all the health safety precautions that have become a constant in our life. Fashion enthusiasts for whom jewellery is part of their identity, have been busy trying to juggle their love for accessorizing and the need for frequent hand washing. Here’s Jewel Tree London’s take on what you need to know when it comes to Coronavirus and your jewellery. 1. Should you remove your hand jewellery before washing? Frequent and thorough hand washing is an essential step in the fight against Covid-19. Every single

As countries around the world continue to battle the second and even third wave of the novel Coronavirus, people all over the globe have adapted to the new normal. Masking up, hand washing, constant sanitizing and social distancing have become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Even though it’s been over a year living in the pandemic, one might still have questions regarding how to adapt your regular routine into a Covid-19 routine. For instance, if you’re someone who wears jewellery on the regular, you might wonder what’s the best way to protect yourself and your jewellery when it comes


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