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March 2021

Rings are an all time essential accessory for fashion enthusiasts. All jewellery lovers must have a good variety of rings in their collection. However, it’s not enough to simply have a wide range of rings, but it’s also important to know when to don which ring and how best to pair them. Rings are worn in all sorts of ways, for all kinds of occasions and for a whole lot of reasons. Here are the top rules to consider for wearing different types of rings for girls: 1. Gold Ring The top rule associated with gold rings is to pair  them with other

Silver has been a prominent fixture in jewellery making for centuries and yet it often loses out to gold when it comes to being in the spotlight. Not this season though. Spring 2021 is all about shining the spotlight on the wave of silver jewellery coming this season. Here are 7 silver jewellery trends for 2021 you should keep in your arsenal. 1. Silver and Stone Gemstones are revered for their spiritual and healing properties, and the best way to harness these energies is to wear them as jewellery. Stones can be beautifully combined with silver metal to make fashionable accessories for

We can almost smell the cherry blossom in the air, and with spring around the corner it’s not just the fresh bloom that has us excited but all the fresh jewellery trends too. Jewel Tree London has compiled a list of 10 jewellery trends that will seriously up your accessories game in Spring 2021. 1. Multicoloured Beads Handmade jewellery is the most exciting addition for your jewellery collection this season and what better option than multicoloured beads to match the colours of spring. Pair these with dark colour blocks for a fun contrasted look. 2. Mismatched Earrings Mismatched earrings are a fun trend that

Just because most of our daily activities have transitioned online, doesn’t mean we give up on glamming ourselves up and keeping in tune with the latest fashion. In fact, jewellery is the best way to jazz up your dull, repetitive zoom sessions and we’ve put together the top 5 jewellery trends that will be everywhere next season - so you know exactly what to add to cart on your next online shopping spree. 1. Chain Links Chunky chain links in gold and silver are the way to go if you’re looking to splurge into a gorgeous  statement piece. Whether it’s a bracelet

The unique hammered creations that form Jewel Tree London’s ethereal Forest Collection make for an excellent choice when it comes to Spring fashion. Whether you wear them on their own, or mix and match with other ornaments, Forest Jewellery is bound to grab eyeballs and is a chic way to upgrade your personal style quotient. Here’s JTL’s guide to styling Forest Jewellery for Spring. Pair it with Colours We all love Spring for the breath of freshness it brings with its colourful blooms. The colours are always a welcome sight after months of grey skies and winter gloom, much like when you


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