10 Jewellery Trends That Will Seriously Up Your Accessories Game in Spring 2021

We can almost smell the cherry blossom in the air, and with spring around the corner it’s not just the fresh bloom that has us excited but all the fresh jewellery trends too. Jewel Tree London has compiled a list of 10 jewellery trends that will seriously up your accessories game in Spring 2021.

1. Multicoloured Beads

Multicoloured Beads

Handmade jewellery is the most exciting addition for your jewellery collection this season and what better option than multicoloured beads to match the colours of spring. Pair these with dark colour blocks for a fun contrasted look.

2. Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings are a fun trend that you don’t want to miss out on this season. You could simply mix and match from your existing collection of earrings or check out the Odd Couple earrings from Jewel Tree London’s Baori Collection.

3. Chain Earrings

Chain Earrings

If you want to make a breezy fashion statement in Spring 2021 then do so by donning a pair of lightweight chain earrings. Check out Jewel Tree London’s Urban Collection to find your perfect pair of chain earrings featuring a stone baguette of your choice – designer jewellery has never been trendier!

4. Chunky Necklace with Pendant

Chunky Necklace with Pendant

Pair those cute tank tops with a chunky pendant necklace and add a fashionable gravitas to your spring outfit. Whether it’s a beaded neck piece or a handcrafted necklace featuring gemstones – this single ornament is all you need to complete your look.

5. Pearl meets Metal

Pearl meets Metal

When pearl meets metal, magic is bound to happen! Find yourself a piece of jewellery that combines the supple milkiness of pearls with the smooth coolness of metal and leaves you looking like Spring royalty.

6. Gold Layers

Gold Layers

Chokers, charms and coins – layer the three Cs when it comes to your gold necklaces and achieve the ultimate Spring 2021 fashionista title!

7. Silver Streaks

Silver Streaks

Spring 2021 is also about putting the spotlight on sterling silver. Layer up silver chain links and create silver streaks to pair with your cozy pastels or stack on those sterling silver rings you purchased from unique jewellery brands round the corner.

8. Textured Metals

Textured Metals

Spring is all about adding texture to nature, and we love that we can do the  same to spring jewelry trends. Get your hands on our Forest Leaf ring which is made from hammered metal that lends the perfect amount of texture to your fashion statement.

9. Long Pendant Necklace

Long Pendant Necklace

We love cute little pendant necklaces such as the Urban Bar Necklace from JTL but we also adore a trendy long necklace with a bold pendant that has the power to glamorise your outfit in an instant!

10. Tassels that Dazzle

Tassels that Dazzle

Jewellery with tassels is sure to dazzle! Add some spunk to style statement and up your accessories game with some tassel jewellery and instantly become the center of attention of any photo!

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