Wearing Rock Crystal Jewellery – Yay or Nay?

Let’s just start this blog by saying that Rock Crystal Jewellery is most definitely a yay, never a nay. Crystals haven’t ever been out of fashion and it’s not just the colourful aesthetics that attract the eye, but the wide range of protective and healing properties associated with them. In this blog we are exploring rock crystal jewellery in particular, along with answering some of the frequently asked questions about stones and crystals.

First Things First: What is Rock Crystal?

Rock crystal is nothing but the transparent, clear variety of quartz. Rock crystal is a traditional name given to pure quartz. Quartz is a hard mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, and pure quartz, or rock crystal is known for its total lack of color or flaws. Formerly used extensively as a gemstone, it has now been replaced largely by glass and plastic. However, rock crystal continues to be used in the fashion industry and is a popular choice for jewellery design, particularly due to its remote resemblance to diamond, minus the lustre of course.

 Apart from jewellery, rock crystal is also used in electronics as well as study of optics.

Other Popular Variations of Quartz –

Being the second most abundant mineral on Earth, Quartz comes in several different varieties, many of which are considered as semi precious gemstones. Some popular variations of quartz include amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, onyx, aventurine and blue quartz. All of these can be quite easily found to be used in decorative ornaments as well as jewellery including designer bracelets for women and men alike.

Why Rock Crystal –

 According to the Greeks, rock crystal is water from Mt. Olympus, water that has been eternally frozen. If that itself doesn’t pique your interest then perhaps learning about the healing and protective properties of rock crystal might excite you. Clear quartz is known to guide us spiritually and get more attuned to our higher selves. It is also known to ward off negativity. It clears the pathway for emotional clarity as well as facilitates physical healing. With provision of increased energy, it can assist in bringing down fever along with stimulating the immune system. It is, of course, simply an assistive means for spiritual cleansing and should not be considered as a replacement for medical treatment.

Types of Rock Crystal Jewellery –

Crystal jewellery comes in all price ranges. One could just easily purchase a funky crystal bracelet from a street vendor as one can go splurging on designer rock crystal rings. The value of the crystal is determined by the purity as well as the design of the jewellery. A rock crystal pendant paired with a rose gold necklace for women can elevate the entire look along with bringing spiritual balance for the wearer.

 One can wear rock crystal bracelets, rock crystal rings, rock crystal earrings as well as rock crystal necklaces. It can be worn simply as a fashion statement as well, but for those seeking to tap into the healing prowess of rock crystal, it is recommended that they choose a piece of ornament that they are comfortable wearing everyday. It is only with daily wear that a rock crystal can have any effect on the wearer in terms of protection and healing. Most comfortable pieces of rock crystal jewellery for daily wear could be a simple ring or even a bracelet.

 Ensure that you wear the crystals on the correct side of your body – as one side is considered to be the giving side (the side of your dominant hand) and the other side is called as the receiving side (the side of your non-dominant hand).

Frequently Asked Questions –

  1. Which is the best crystal to wear everyday?
    Some of the most favored crystals for daily wear include rock crystal, lapis lazuli, amethyst and rose quartz. You can find lapis lazuli rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in Jewel Tree’s urban collection.
  1. Can crystals make you throw up?
    While crystals may not have the same effect on everyone, certain crystals can definitely bring out some physical reactions such as nausea in individuals who are not spiritually grounded.
  1. Which wrist to wear crystals on?
  • It is advised to wear crystals on your non-dominant hand. If you’re a right handed individual, then wear your crystals on your left hand, if you’re a left handed individual then wear them on your right.
  1. How to wear crystal bracelets?
  • Apart from choosing the right crystal for your individual chakras, it is important to wear them on the right side and place them according to the effects you are hoping for. It is also wise to cleanse your crystals regularly.
  1. How to wear crystals?
  • Crystals can be adorned as bracelets, rings, pendants and even earrings. Crystal jewellery is available in a wide range of varieties as well as something to suit every budget. Choose a piece of jewellery that you’re comfortable wearing on a daily basis, as only regular wear of the crystal will have any effect on your chakras.
  1. How many crystal bracelets can you wear?
      • If you choose to wear more than 1, then make sure it’s 3 or 5, so that the energy is better balanced.
      1. Which hand wears a clear quartz bracelet?
      • It is best to wear a clear quartz bracelet on your receiving hand or your non dominant hand.
      1. Which hand to wear amethyst bracelet?
      • Amethyst is best worn on the left side of your body, as it directly affects the heart and brings about positivity, while warding off the negative energies.
      1. Which hand to wear an Aventurine bracelet?
      • It is recommended that you wear Aventurine closer to your heart, so the left hand is the ideal choice.
      1. How to get to know your crystals?
      • There are plenty of resources available online, and you can also get in touch with experts to get a more indepth and professional opinion about any crystal of your choosing. It is important to research not just the crystal, but also your own spiritual energy to understand how the crystal will affect you in particular.








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