Rose Gold Jewellery: Pros and Cons

Gold that displays a pink or rose coloured hue is termed as rose gold. How does the gold acquire this hue? And is it even real gold if it’s rose coloured? What exactly are the pros and cons of shopping rose gold jewellery? All this and more will be answered in our blog right here

All About Rose Gold

All About Rose Gold

To set the record straight right off the mark – yes, rose gold is real gold. It may not be gold in its purest form but it’s gold nonetheless and all the best jewellery brands in London can vouch for its authenticity. In fact, rose gold is one of the best varieties of gold when it comes to strength as it’s mixed with copper. It is due to addition of copper that it achieves its trademark rose colour, with the standard proportion being around 75% gold and 35% copper. So it’s not pure gold, but it’s strong – what else are the pros and cons of rose gold? Read on to find out!

Pros of Rose Gold

Pros of Rose Gold

As mentioned above, rose gold is one of the strongest golds out there. It’s strength, lended by the presence of copper, indicates durability. A rose gold ring is likely to maintain it’s form for much longer than your white or yellow gold, which is much softer and can be easily bent out of shape.

Given the fact that it’s not pure gold, it also means that rose gold is way more affordable than 24K gold or even in comparison to yellow or white golds made via more expensive alloys. Rose gold doesn’t require any rhodium plating like white gold does and rose gold tends to easily complement all skin tones.

The rose colour of the gold is a peculiar appeal in itself, giving the jewellery design a vintage as well as romantic vibe. Rose gold jewellery makes for an excellent choice when picking out a present for a special someone.

Cons of rose gold

Amongst the very few cons of rose gold is the fact that the presence of copper renders rose gold as not hypoallergenic. The wearer could have an allergic reaction to rose gold unlike other purer varieties of gold.

Another sad con is the fact that despite the popularity it enjoys, rose gold jewellery is still not as widely sold as the more traditional yellow and the more contemporary white gold ornaments.

What Kind of Rose Gold Jewellery You Should Buy?

What Kind of Rose Gold Jewellery You Should Buy

Since rose gold tends to complement all skin tones, each jewellery lover should definitely have rose gold pieces in their collection. You can opt for rose gold pendant necklaces, necklace, chains, rings and even bracelets. Most of the pieces at Jewel Tree London are also offered with a 18ct rose gold vermeil finish – check out our collections to find a design that captures your heart!

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