Jewellery and Coronavirus: What to know about Washing & Safety

As countries around the world continue to battle the second and even third wave of the novel Coronavirus, people all over the globe have adapted to the new normal. Masking up, hand washing, constant sanitizing and social distancing have become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Even though it’s been over a year living in the pandemic, one might still have questions regarding how to adapt your regular routine into a Covid-19 routine. For instance, if you’re someone who wears jewellery on the regular, you might wonder what’s the best way to protect yourself and your jewellery when it comes to all the handwashing? Here are a few friendly reminders about what you should know about washing & safety.

1. Wash Your Hands – Every Single Time

Wash Your Hands – Every Single Time

It doesn’t matter if you only went out for 5 minutes, or if you didn’t come across anyone while you were out. It also doesn’t matter if you think you didn’t touch anything besides your own belongings. If you have stepped out of your home, it is absolutely necessary to wash your hands – Every. Single. Time. Don’t simply settle for rinsing your hands under water but make sure you use a good hand-wash soap and spend at least 20 seconds to thoroughly cleanse every inch of your fingers, palm and wrists.

2. Remove Rings Before Washing

Remove Rings Before Washing

If you wore your rings outside, then remove them and place them upon a designated tray before you wash your hands. Not only would the frequent washing damage your rings and could possibly lead to skin irritation, but you would also not miss out on washing any spot on your fingers that may have been covered by your rings.

3. Wash Jewellery Before Rewearing

Wash Jewellery Before Rewearing

It’s not just the rings that you should remove. If you were wearing any other exposed jewellery – bracelets, earrings and even necklaces – it is advised to remove them all and place them in designated jewellery trays or boxes. If you plan on wearing them again right away, remember to wash all pieces with mild soapy water before rinsing and drying. Your jewellery could just as easily be a carrier for the virus. Wash your hands again after you’ve washed the jewellery.

4. Keep the Jewellery Indoors

Keep the Jewellery Indoors

Frequent washing and rinsing poses a risk to your jewellery’s lifespan – especially designer jewellery and handmade jewellery. Best way to protect the jewellery is to keep the jewellery indoors. Show it off over virtual meetings and parties, and keep your essential outdoor outings jewellery free.

5. Using the Sanitizer

Using the Sanitizer

Sanitizer is essential for you when you’re on the go and need to steer clear of the virus. However, it’s not so beneficial for your jewellery – especially pieces with gemstones. Repeated exposure to alcohol can cause severe erosion and damage to stones. It’s best to either remove any jewellery you’re wearing before sanitizing your hands, or simply not wear any ornaments when stepping out of home.

6. Moisturize!


As important as it is to wash your hands every single time, frequent washing can rid your skin of essential oils and render it super dry. So It’s equally important that you moisturize your hands regularly as well! Apply your favorite lotion as often as you can, but make sure you do so before putting your jewellery back on. Lotions have a tendency to settle in little crevices of your jewellery and cause long lasting damage to their integrity.

7. Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Fashionable!

Stay Home, Stay Safe And Stay Fashionable

Yes, London is open again and we are loving the breath of fresh air! However, the pandemic isn’t over and the world continues to battle. The best advice for both you and your jewellery is to stay home and stay safe. You can shop a vast collection of ethical jewellery from unique jewellery brands like Jewel Tree London and continue to stay fashionable right from the comfort of your home!

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