How to Care for a New Ear Piercing: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a veteran and have just added a new piercing to your swell collection, we couldn’t be happier for you – there’s no such thing as too many earrings anyway. If you’ve just gotten your ear pierced for the very first time, Jewel Tree London would like to welcome you to the fabulous world of ear fashion! We can promise you’re going to have a ton of fun exploring and building your personal style statement. From unique silver earrings to gorgeous gold earrings – there’s plenty to have fun with when it comes to ear piercings. But before you can jump into the playground, it’s critical that you care for your new piercing well. Here are 7 mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

1. Premature Removal of Earrings

Premature Removal of Earrings

The first pair of earrings you put in after piercing your ears needs to stay in for at least 6-8 weeks, or as per your piercing professional’s instructions. We understand it’s a new experience to have something stuck in your ear lobes, but don’t be in a hurry to remove your earrings as the piercing might just close back up.

2. Handling the Ears with Unclean Hands

Handling the Ears with Unclean Hands

For your body a piercing is as good as any other injury – the area is extremely sensitive for the period of time in which the body attempts to heal it. Just as you wouldn’t touch an open wound with dirty hands, it is advised that you do not handle your ears and the piercing with unclean hands. Always wash your hands with soap before taking even a finger close to the piercing.

3. Transferring Hair Products onto The Ears

Transferring Hair Products onto The Ears

Similar to dirt, chemicals can negatively affect the piercing as well. While you might not directly apply any chemicals to your piercing, they can easily transfer from the products you have applied to your hair. To avoid this, it is best to keep your hair tied back or bunched up in a bun for the first few weeks after getting a new piercing.

4. Leaving the Earrings Out Too Long

Leaving the Earrings Out Too Long

Even after you’ve been officially allowed to remove the first pair of earrings and switch up things, make sure you don’t leave out your earrings for too long. Go for a few hours at max, and then make sure to wear them back. As a relatively new piercing, it can still close up rather quickly.

5. Opting for Cheap Earrings

Opting for Cheap Earrings

We’re sure you’re excited to try on all those funky earrings you’ve had your eye on for a while, but we recommend that you avoid the cheaper options for a while longer and stick to gold consistently for the first year at least.

6. Wearing Earrings You May Be Allergic To

Wearing Earrings You May Be Allergic To

While gold earrings are recommended, try to stay away from white gold or any other variety where another metal is mixed in, particularly if you’re not sure about your metal allergies. The last thing you want is your new piercing to get infected by an alloy – even if the earrings are bought from top jewellery brands.

7. Using the Wrong Products to Clean

Using the Wrong Products to Clean

Even though you might be handling your piercing with clean hands and avoiding any contact with chemicals, it’s still necessary to clean your new piercing regularly. However, pay heed to the products you use to clean. Your piercer should have given you a saline solution but if you’ve run out or didn’t get any, you can also use homemade salt water, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or a mild antibiotic ointment. Use a soft cotton Q-tip to apply the solution to your piercing.

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