How to Avoid Permanently Resizing Your Ring to Make it Smaller

For any jewellery lover, finding the perfectly fitting ring is the dream and losing a ring because iit fell off due to being too little too loose is the nightmare. Your ring size may fluctuate for many common reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss or your body reacting to weather changes. In fact, something as trivial as a high-salt meal can affect water retention in your fingers making them puff up and then shrink back. Read on to find out about techniques to make your ring smaller without altering it permanently.

Sizing and Resizing a Ring

Sizing and Resizing a Ring

In order to determine your ring size, you can ask any jewellery to measure your fingers directly or use a pre-owned ring that’s a good fit. Alternatively, you can even check your ring size using Jewel Tree London’s handy ring sizing guide.

Despite all the measuring, chances are you might still end up with a ring that’s tad too big for your fingers. While you might be tempted to take your ring to a jewellery store and get it permanently resized, we advise against it. Resizing a ring to make it smaller means reducing the metal of the ring which in turn will negatively affect its strength and integrity. What you need is a temporary fix that actually involves adding to the ring. You can instead ask your jeweller to go with one of the following options instead.

Sizing Beads

You can get two small metallic beads added to the back part of the inside of your ring. This option is economical as well as ensure your ring remains upright at all times.

Spring Insert

This horseshoe shaped metal spring lines the bottom 3/4th section of the inside of your ring and while a little complicated to execute, it’s still affordable and more comfortable than beads.

Sizing Bar

A U-shaped bar can be soldered across the bottom of your ring that features a hinge and a latch, which can be swing shut to hold the ring in place once you’ve worn it.

Plastic Ring Adjusters

Plastic Ring Adjusters

The cheapest option would perhaps be to order a plastic ring adjuster, which are essentially wedges or sleeves that sit between your finger and the ring. There are also plastic rings you can insert to the bottom of your ring which will make them more snug.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can a ring be made smaller?
– Yes, apart from permanent resizing you can choose from multiple ways to resize your ring temporarily in order to make it fit better.

2. What do I do if my ring is too big?
– Bigger ring shouldn’t be much of a worry as long as you opt for any of the resizing methods before wearing it outside. If your size fluctuates often then definitely do not opt for permanent resizing.

3. How much does it cost to make a ring smaller?
– The cost of resizing is influenced by various factors and there’s no exact answer for this. It depends on the material of your ring, the resizing option you’re choosing and the time & effort put in by the jeweller.

4. How do you size a ring at home?
– Check out Jewel Tree London’s handy guide to sizing a ring at home:

5. Is your ring size the same as your shoe size?
– No, your ring size is not correlated to your shoe size. Having the same size for rings and shoes is a mere coincidence!

6. How big is a size 7 ring?
– A US size 7 ring has an inside diameter of 17.2mm and is equivalent to a UK size N. However, a size 7 ring in India, Japan, China and South America has an inside diameter of 15mm and is equivalent to a UK size H.

7. Can I make a ring resizer at home?
– Sticking anything to your ring such as tape, silicone etc as it can negatively react with the alloy present in your ring, so avoid a DIY method.

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