Crown Rings and Their Undeniable Charm

Jewellery is truly a luxurious accessory given that it serves no purpose other than adornment and beautification. It’s practically just a piece of art that you hang on your body. But oh what would we do without art in our lives! For centuries women and men have used jewellery as a means of expression. Whether they are expressing their wealth & status or their love & faith, jewellery opens up many, many possibilities.

Over the years, we have started to annotate emotional meanings with certain ornaments. For instance, putting a ring on someone means to express your undying love and a wish to spend the rest of your lives together. Similarly, a bejewelled crown is associated with royalty and beauty pageants. Now imagine combining these two ornaments, nothing short of genius, right? A crown ring is an effortlessly charming piece of jewellery that has flooded the markets and we are most definitely not surprised by its success.

A Brilliant Symbol of Love

CRown Rings - A Brilliant Symbol of Love

The design literally combines a ring and a crown, in turn combining love, royalty and beauty. Give this as a present to any woman and you’re most definitely scoring a whole ton of brownie points.

Something for every budget

CRown Rings- Something for every budget

The fun thing about Crown Rings is that they’re so popular and trendy, that you will easily find one in every price range. Whether your little daughter wants to gift it to her best friend, or whether you’re buying it for your mother’s big birthday. This ideal piece of jewellery will have you covered.

Why Should Only Women Have All the Fun?

Crown rings are mostly designed for ladies, but why should only the women have all the fun, eh? If you cannot find a ready made crown ring for men, then you can always get them custom made. Custom designs can be made for couples, as well as just for men. An alternative to the classic crown pattern is the Claddagh ring. Claddagh rings are an Irish tradition. The design of a Claddagh ring is a heart topped with a crown and held by a pair of hands, symbolizing love, loyalty and friendship. These rings can be customized for any two people, and make for a great present, whether it’s for your closest friend or your life partner. Perhaps, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can get an engraved Claddagh ring for each member of your family.

Crown Rings - Why Should Only Women

No matter which design or which metal you go for, crown rings will make for the perfect present for the woman or girl in your lives whom you regard as our queen or princess – even if that woman or girl is yourself!

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