7 Romantic Wedding Bands that will Capture Your Heart

While picking out an engagement ring to propose with is most definitely a nerve wrecking decision, we can assure you that picking out the wedding bands is going to be slightly less stressful – mostly because this is something you can do together with your partner. Of course, you’re going to want wedding rings that are romantic but also absolutely perfect for you and your partner. The best approach for this is to ensure they not just reflect what your relationship stands for but also have a hint of your individual personalities.

We have compiled a list of 7 Romantic Wedding Bands that are likely to capture your heart as you hunt for the right pair!

1. Sterling Silver Love Bands

Sterling Silver Love Bands

For the couple that likes to keep it classic – these matching sterling silver bands are a lovely option.These rings are for a couple who enjoy the joy of little things, take pleasure in simplicity and prefer things in their purest form – just like their love for each other!

2. Stacking Gold Rings

Stacking Gold Rings

These stacking gold rings for couples are one of our favorite picks. Each ring of the stack can be individually engraved or inscribed with names, special dates or relationship milestones. Npt to mention, the gold stackable rings are all the rage in the fashion world, and will pretty much go with every outfit ever.

3. Gold with Diamond

Gold with Diamond

Singular diamonds set on gold bands are representative of the shining presence of each partner in the other’s life. Offering these rings to each other is tantamount to declaring ‘you make my perfect life even better!’

4. The Bling Pair

The Bling Pair

Not every couple likes to keep it low key or get rings that will blend easily with their everyday style. Some want their rings to stand out with a bling just like they usually do as a couple. These gorgeous diamond encrusted rings for both her and him will make sure there’s never a dull moment for your fingers.

5. The Power Couple

The Power Couple

Can’t decide whether you want gold, silver or diamonds for your wedding bands? Then why not go for all three? Be a power couple and make a statement that says you’re willing to go the extra mile for each and incorporate all that it takes to reach perfection.

6. Shimmer and Silver

Shimmer and silver

We all know just how well opposites attract – so if you and your partner are falling on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to just how fancy the rings should be, it’s quite alright. A plain silver band for him will beautifully complement her glamorous diamond ring, symbolic of the harmony and balance the two of you bring into each other’s lives.

7. Sleek and Personal

Sleek and Personal

These sleek gold bands with outer corners are perfect for the couple who are constantly on the lookout for a new adventure to embark on. The simple yet edgy rings have a non-obtrusive design for those with an active lifestyle. For an added personal touch, the couple can even have a customized engraving unique to their relationship.

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