Stone of the Month for April: Diamond

Birthstones are gems – precious and semi precious – that are associated with the birth month of an individual. These varied stones are often associated with good fortune, and hold significant meaning for the wearer. The stone of the month for April is the timeless beauty: Diamond.

Where do diamonds come from?

Where do diamonds come from?

Diamonds are the only gemstones that are made of one and one element only, and that element is carbon. Diamonds were formed a long, long time (think billions of years) ago when extreme heat and pressure turned pure carbon into colourless stones deep below the Earth’s surface. They were so far below the Earth’s surface that it took volcanic activity to bring them closer to the surface and even then these valuable stones require deep mining to be retrieved. Discovered first in India, they are now mined in many regions of the world including Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada. While pure diamonds are colourless, they do come in contact with mineral impurities as they travel to the surface of Earth. These impurities can lend them various colours such as blue and pink among others.

The Significance of Diamonds

The Significance of Diamonds

The hardest natural substance on Earth, diamonds are virtually indestructible by anything other than diamond itself. While its beauty makes it a popular choice in jewellery design, its strength also makes diamonds extremely viable in industrial settings.

Diamonds are also considered to have significant healing properties. They are said to purify and detox the body, assist with rebalancing the metabolism as well as fight allergies.

How valuable are diamonds?

How valuable are diamonds?

Diamonds are one of most valuable gemstones. It’s value is determined by a lot of factors, primarily the 4Cs – the cut, carat, colour and clarity. An internationally accepted scale for these factors helps with evaluation of diamonds. In fact when these factors are considered in combination, it can also be that a smaller clean/clear diamond might be valued at a higher price when compared to a bigger diamond with inclusions.

On an average, the price of a one carat diamond can range from $1,500 to well more than $15,000. We highly recommend that you seek certification when purchasing diamonds to ensure you’re getting the genuine stone.

There are also plenty of synthetic diamonds made in the lab as well as other stones which imitate the look of diamonds that are available at a much cheaper price range.

Diamonds in Jewellery Design

Diamonds in jewellery design

Diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend – and for a good reason too. They are the most favoured gemstones used in jewellery design all over the world. They are used extensively in all types of jewellery including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets as well as hair ornaments and other fashion accessories. Diamonds work well not just with gold, silver and platinum but also in combination with other gemstones.

Curious to Learn More?

Curious to learn more?

Check out our post on Diamonds Grading and Certification as well as our guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring to learn more about diamonds.

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