7 Must Have Classic Jewellery Pieces

By the time we’re nearing the end of our twenties, most of us women have figured out our personal style, our fashion comfort zone and how glamorous we are willing to be. We have our wardrobe and accessories nicely segregated into daily wear, formal wear, party wear, date nights etc. Even when it comes to jewellery, we have certain pieces for special occasions, but mostly it makes sense to keep a few classics in your essentials box that you can easily pair with a multitude of outfits for various occasions. Here’s our list of 7 must have classic jewellery pieces for every woman.

1. Pendant Necklaces –

Pendant necklaces will never go out of fashion and that’s our guarantee. Pendants are a simple yet elegant way to infuse personality into your jewellery. There’s always a new trend to incorporate in your style when it comes to pendant necklaces but you can also always stick to timeless choices such as layers coins, stars & moons and bar necklaces.

2. Pearl Jewellery –

Pearls are the epitome of elegance. Whether it’s an annual office party or a formal dinner with your extended family, a sleek string of pearls around your neck or drops for your ears will elevate your evening wear with a touch of sophistication.

3. Diamond Earrings –

Diamonds are regarded as women’s best friends and for good reason – there’s simply no going wrong with a pair of diamond earrings. Whether it’s a work meeting, a date night or night out in the town, you can opt for classic diamond studs or more exquisite danglers.

 4. A Fun Set of Rings –

We at Jewel Tree London love a good set of rings. Whether it’s stackable rings, unique statement rings or rings featuring your birthstone – a fun mix is all you need to jazz up your style statement.

5. Silver Earrings –

A unique pair of silver earrings will go a long way particularly on days when you want to keep things light and casual, and yet wear something to complement your outfit. Whether it’s hoops, studs or danglers, silver earrings will easily work just on their own without any necklace, bracelet or ring to go along.

6. Stylish Bracelets –

Another of our absolute favorite accessories is a good stylish bracelet. Make sure your jewellery arsenal has at least a few varieties of bracelets including a cuff bracelet, a rose gold bracelet and something in silver, with perhaps a charm or two.

7. A Statement Piece –

Every woman must have a statement piece in their jewellery for days when they want to let their style do all the talking. One can opt for either a gold statement ring, a unique neck piece or fun pair of earrings such as the Odd Couple studs from Jewel Tree’s Baori collection.


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