5 important tips to take care of gold jewellery

Gold jewellery has never been a mere fashion accessory. It is widely considered as an investment, and almost always carries emotional value as well as it’s not every day that one goes ahead and purchases a gold ornament. Gold jewellery is not something you can treat casually – wearing and removing as you like, tossing it over on the dressing table at the end of the day. It’s also not something you will simply throw away once it’s broken or loses a bit of its lustre. Gold is an expensive metal, and in order to get the most out of your investment, it is essential that you take good care of it as well.

Here are our five important tips to take care of gold jewellery:

  1. Avoid contact with chemicals- Always make sure that the gold ornaments are the last thing you wear before leaving your home – only once you’re done applying any cosmetic product and perfumes. You most definitely do not want your jewellery to have prolonged exposure to any kind of chemicals, which may lead to damaging the integrity of the metal. One of gold’s worst enemy is chlorine – so make sure you’re not wearing any gold pieces when you get into the pool.

  1. Know when to take it off-

    Besides taking it off before pool, you also need to take off your gold jewellery before bathing and any high-intensity contact sports. While wearing the gold pieces during bathing leads to a chance of soap buildup, contact sports pose a threat of scratches and dents to the pieces given the fact that gold is a soft metal.

 3.Store it well-

The most ideal way to store any piece of jewellery is individually in its own case. However, this is not just the ideal but rather it is essential in the case of gold jewellery. Given that gold is a soft metal, it is likely to garner scratches simply by contact with other pieces of jewellery. The recommended way to store the pieces would be in individual cloth cases. Alternatively, each piece can be covered in a soft cloth or tissue before storing them in a spacious jewellery box.

4.Clean it regularly-

Even if you’ve taken care of your gold jewellery, taken it off at right times and avoided contact with chemicals, chances are that over time your jewellery will start to lose lustre. If you have paid attention to all other tips in this blog, then you needn’t need to worry about losing a little lustre off your jewellery. No matter how much we care for our ornaments, we can’t entirely protect them from coming into contact with dust and other particles. In order to refresh the lustre of your gold jewellery, simply mix some non-toxic soap into a bowl of warm water, dip your jewellery into and then proceed to gently scrub the pieces using a soft brush. Wash it off with clean water, and let is dry completely before wearing or storing it.

5. Get it professionally polished-

Cleaning is one way to maintain the lustre of gold ornaments on the regular, but nothing compares to some professional polishing. At least once every year you should visit the same store from which you purchased your jewellery or another one that offers polishing services, and make sure that you extend the lifespan of your gold pieces!

Bonus tip: In order to avoid annoying and highly unnecessary tangles in your gold chains, make sure that you store the gold chain with its clasp closed!


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