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January 2021

You know what’s better than getting a beautiful piece of jewellery as a present for Valentine’s Day? Getting a beautiful piece of jewellery for Valentine’s Day at an amazing discounted price! 2020 has been a tough year for everyone and with celebrations still being low-key around the world, Jewel Tree London is offering a 35% discount on selected collections to sweeten the deal this V-Day. Check out the top 5 must have jewellery pieces that make for the perfect present - whether you’re buying for your partner or treating yourself!  1. Chain Earrings Was: £85 | Now: £55 These elegant chain earrings from

Ever been on the prowl for the perfect V-Day present for the woman in your life but got distracted by a product advertisement and ended up down a rabbit hole for everything you like and she doesn’t? Online shopping can do that to you and if you haven’t figured out your present for Valentine’s Day yet, then there’s no need to panic. We have the perfect way out for you - the Jewel Tree London’s Gift Card! Worried that a gift card will come across as too impersonal?  Here's the top 3 reasons to convince yourself (and her!) that this

If you’ve been shopping for high-end jewellery lately, then chances are you are familiar with the term gold vermeil. But are you truly familiar with what gold vermeil is? Most boutique jewellery stores are now offering gold vermeil designs and if you’re still on the fence about choosing vermeil over real gold, let us help you out. Here’s everything you need to know about what is gold vermeil and all the reasons to love it! What Is Gold Vermeil? To put it across simply, gold vermeil is sterling silver that has a thin layer of gold electroplated onto it. Vermeil is pronounced

We may have bid adieu to 2020 but the world is far from returning to normal. And this means that all forms of celebrations will continue being virtual or at home. This Valentine’s Day, you may not be able to take your partner on a fun weekend getaway or a fancy 5 course meal at their favorite restaurant, but you can surely surprise them with a jewellery gift that they can cherish for a long time to come. We recommend getting your shopping sorted early on to avoid any last minute delivery disasters - and here’s our guide on top

Did you know that there are over 20 different styles of earrings? Combine that with different shapes, twists and sizes, and the possibilities are just endless! Earrings don’t just hold the power to bring together your entire outfit but they also have the capability to define your face and flatter your best features. Which is why it’s important to have more than just one style of earrings in your arsenal. Here’s Jewel Tree London’s list of top 5 earring styles every woman should own: 1. Hoops Depending on the size you opt for, hoops can either keep it sleek and simple or

Jewel Tree London prides itself in creating beautiful jewellery that is a perfect example of elegance in simplicity. Our collections are a tribute to the art that we find all around us - be it nature, architecture or cityscapes. The Forest Collection, inspired by nature, is one of our unique designs featuring hammered creations for those who delight in organic stories. Here are 5 reasons to fall in love with this exquisite collection: 1. It’s Perfectly Imperfections - Like You! It is our imperfections that truly make us unique, and we at Jewel Tree love to celebrate and complement the imperfections of

Jewellery and ornaments have been handcrafted by civilizations centuries before fast and cheap fashion even came into picture. Yet, even after all these years there’s something so alluring about handmade jewellery that simply cannot be reciprocated by mass produced accessories. If you don’t already love handmade jewellery as much as we do, then here’s 9 things you should know about it that will make you want to choose it over and over again. 1. Buying Handmade Jewellery Means Paying for Someone’s Time Each piece of jewellery that is crafted by hand takes a painstaking amount of time. From ideation and design to

Valentine’s Day 2021 is just over a month away and with in-store shopping still being a distant dream, it’s best you get your online shopping sorted early on. This way you can not only avoid any last minute delivery troubles but use the extra time to plan a super special day with your loved one. If you still don’t know what you’re going to get your partner to make this V-Day special then allow us to present to you  top 5 jewellery gifts you can order from Jewel Tree London on a Flat 35% off on Selected Items. 1. Urban Bar


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