What Exactly is Vermeil Jewellery?

If you are on the prowl online to purchase some new jewellery pieces, then chances are that you would have come across the term Vermeil quite a bit. In fact, Jewel Tree London too has a vast selection of Vermeil jewellery for you to choose from, and this shouldn’t be surprising at all given all the perks of Vermeil. If you are still wondering what exactly is vermeil jewellery, then we are more than happy to clear any and all doubts you might have.

interesting metal

This interesting metal looks a whole lot like gold – but it’s not. It uses a unique plating technique but you cannot call it gold plated either. Vermeil, in reality, is a combination of sterling silver and gold. The fact that vermeil looks so much like real gold is attributed to the fact that the top most layer of the jewellery is actually real gold. And it isn’t just a flimsy layer that lends its colour at most, but the strength of the gold layer is determined by set industry standards. For any jewellery to be labelled vermeil, it is essential that the strength of the gold be a minimum of 10 Karats. High range vermeil is usually 14 Karats and above.

gold plated jewellery

The thickness of the gold layer which is added on to pure sterling silver is what sets Vermeil apart from standard gold plated jewellery, and making it an increasingly popular choice of ‘metal’ when it comes to jewellery design.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Vermeil jewellery offers value for money like no other. For the same price of a decent-sized pure gold ornament, one could easily buy an entire set of Vermeil jewellery featuring multiple gorgeous pieces. The Vermeil pieces will look pretty much exactly like gold, will also have actual gold content and have the added sturdiness of sterling silver which is used as the base metal. There’s no difference between pure gold and vermeil when it comes to lustre and feel of the jewellery.

strong base metal of Vermeil

The strong base metal of Vermeil leaves it less susceptible to damage, making it an ideal choice for those who want to include it in their daily style and have perhaps a super active lifestyle. Even those with metal allergies can opt for Vermeil as a safe option. The sturdiness and safety of the jewellery qualifies it as the jewellery of choice when it comes to buying for young children.

Vermeil allows you to truly build your ‘gold’ collection without having to overspend

There is also no limit as to what type of jewellery can be made out of Vermeil. Whether it’s rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or even cuff links that you are on the lookout for, there’s something for everyone. Vermeil allows you to truly build your ‘gold’ collection without having to overspend. And it’s not just yellow gold, but Vermeil can be designed in rose gold as well!

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