JTL’s Christmas Gifting Guide for the Women in Your Life

Gift shopping is no child’s play and this strenuous task gets even more challenging come Christmas. This high stakes holiday calls for extra special effort as it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year and you don’t want to be the one ruining it by giving a present that’s not well thought out. Add to it the pandemic restrictions, and present shopping for Christmas is going to get even tougher this time around. But, fear not as we can at least help you out when it comes to picking presents for all the women in your life. Here’s Jewel Tree London’s Christmas gifting guide featuring our handcrafted designs.

1. Your Significant Other

The Hive Cuff Bracelet is a signature design of JTL and embodies the spirit of urban living. This highly wearable design, both in casual and formal settings, makes the Hive Cuff a great present for the women you love.

2. Your mother

The Baori Cuff Bracelet is contemporary design symbolising how the human spirit is intrinsically connected – just like you will always be intrinsically connected to the woman who brought you into this world.

3. Your sister

Sibling rivalry aside, your sister is usually your partner in crime and chances are that the two of you are both complete opposites and mirror images at the same time. Our Odd Couple chain earrings are perfectly symbolic of this unique relationship, and hence the ideal Christmas present for your sister.

4.  Your Daughter

Your daughter is arguably the most loved woman of your life and you want to make sure your Christmas present to her reflects this deep affection. The Urban Bar Necklace is an exclusive and best-selling design from JTL. The necklace reflects everything that an urban soul is – bold and simple with an understated edginess. Customise it with your daughter’s birthstone for that added personal touch.

5.  Your Best Friend

Your best friend is your confidant, your advisor, your partner in crime and pretty much your emotional backbone. Your best friend needs to be given a gift with as many layers as your relationship with her – and what better than the gold stacking rings from our Pure collection.

6.  Your Favorite Aunt

Aunts are notorious for spoiling their nieces and nephews by showering them with gifts and love all through their childhood and then some. Every time your parents said no for anything, you knew you could simply head over to your favorite aunt and she would turn that into a yes. Christmas is a great excuse to return that love in small gift wrapped bundles. For your favorite aunt we recommend our Baori stud earrings that are a fashionable accessory for women of all ages.

7.  Your Colleague

Your colleague might not be one of the most important women in your life, but you got her name for secret santa and you’re not one to buy a generic Christmas ornament or coffee mug, are you? Check out our Hive lego cufflinks which make for a sophisticated present for the urban working woman.

If you’re still too confused as to what present to pick for the women in your life, you could always purchase our JTL Gift Card which is a sure shot way to bring a smile on the face of your loved one.

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