Stones Guide: All You Need to Know About Stones in Jewellery

Are you fascinated by all the colourful stones out there while purchasing jewellery, but you’re just not sure which is the right one for you? We’ve compiled a list of top 15 popular stones just for your handy reference!

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1. Amethyst


The violet variety of quartz called ​Amethyst​is a gorgeous choice when it comes to jewellery. Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, and it owes its colour to irradiation and impurities of iron. Due to the abundance in which it’s found in nature, amethyst has become one of the more affordable semi-precious gemstones. In Greek culture, it is believed that the stone prevents intoxication.

2. Aquamarine


This pale blue gemstone is the birthstone for the month of March. ​Aquamarine​, as the name might suggest, is a reference to the crystalline waters of the ocean and the stone reflects the same tranquility. It is known to embody healing energies and extends protection to those who travel by, over or near water. Aquamarine is also associated with the chakra for throat and is considered beneficial for those who want to overcome stage fear or articulation problems.

3. Citrine


This beautiful yellow-orange gemstone called ​Citrine​carries the power of the Sun as per popular belief. Citrine adds a bright pop of colour to the jewellery, and like the Sun is known to energize the soul and encourage new pursuits.

4. Diamond


Ah Diamond! Regarded the world over as women’s best friend, this precious gemstone is one of the most valued stones when it comes to jewellery (or even otherwise!). The birthstone for the month of April, Diamond makes for the ultimate present irrespective of the month the person was born in. Given its high monetary value, it is always advised that sufficient research be put into diamonds before making the purchase.

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5. Emerald


The birthstone of May, this brilliantly green coloured stone is called Emerald. A variety of the mineral beryl, it gets its regal colour due to trace amounts of chromium. There are many benefits associated with Emerald stone including therapeutic properties for individuals facing trouble with focus and confidence.

6. Ruby


The radiant red of Ruby is an extremely attractive addition to jewellery design. Reds are often easy to match with a wide variety of outfits making Ruby a popular choice for jewellery lovers. It is the birthstone for the month of July and is considered important for restoring vitality and facilitating the steady growth of the wearer.

7. Jade


Popular particularly in the Chinese culture, Jade is a gorgeously green coloured stone that is treasured as a protective stone.

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Revered for centuries, Lapis Lazuli literally translates to “blue stone”, and sparkles like the stars in the night sky. Romans consider Lapis Lazuli as a powerful aphrodisiac.

9. Black Onyx

Black Onyx

If you’re looking for a bold black stone for your jewellery design, then your obvious choice needs to be the black Onyx. The contemporary stone is tough to go out of style, and can make for a versatile addition to the jewellery box.

10. Moonstone


Moonstone is called so because ancient Romans believed it was formed from frozen moonlight. While it can be colourless, with a clarity ranging from transparent to translucent, it has a certain magical allure to it. Moonstones are rare to find, and are associated with new beginnings and inner growth.

11.  Opal


Opal is the birthstone for October, and is known to show numerous different colours when shifted against light. This highly attractive stone also boasts more than a few health benefits by helping in the fight against stomach and eye problems.

12. Pearls


The gift of the ocean, Pearl is the birthstone for June. The only gemstone to be formed within a living creature, Pearls make for timeless pieces of jewellery, and can instill the wearer with positivity and emotional accessibility.

13. Sapphire


Sapphire​is the Greek word for blue, so it’s not surprising that the colour of this gemstone is stunningly deep blue. In fact, the royal colour of the gemstone is so valued, that the deeper the hue, the higher the price. Sapphire is a highly protective gemstone that helps fight illnesses as well as keeps enemies away.

14. Topaz


The birthstone of November, Topaz is a soothing stone that heals and stimulates the chakras of the body. It brings good health and fortune in abundance. Topaz comes in yellow and pale blue colours.

15. Zircon


Zircon comes in a wide variety of colours, including more earthy colours like brown (as pictured above). Its affordability makes Zircon a very popular choice in jewellery design and white zircon in particular is used by many as a substitute for diamond. Zircon is said to work wonders when it comes to financial success!

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