Inspiration behind the URBAN COLLECTION


The urban woman inspires me. The more I observed, those women who stood out to me had one quality in common – They had the amazing grace to make the frenzy of urban living look effortless. This woman became my muse for the Urban Collection. She is confident, mobile and versatile in her personal style – leaning a bit more towards quality and timeless style rather than disposable fashion. 

The Urban Collection is inspired by the need to express and capture this abstract calm and efficiency, this effortless style and understated sophistication that I see in women around me. She is the JTL Woman. 
The Urban Collection is an understated and distinct design collection that is contemporary, yet with a classic appeal. The clean geometric lines reflect a bold attitude with subtle sophistication. Its deep jewel tones are designed to embody everyday luxury, transitioning from casual to formal elegance with ease. Each piece highlights the integration of precise industrial design with detailed craftsmanship, ensuring elegant lines and perfect settings.

I am conscious of the intrinsic value that jewellery conveys about the wearer’s personal taste and individual style. This is why my focus is on creating unfussy, everyday jewellery that captures the sculptural essence of an object or an emotion. It’s a feeling that translates into original and highly wearable designs. My production team craft with absolute love, quality and care – ethicality and sustainability are incredibly important to me from both a brand aspect as well as at a personal level.  

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