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Unisex Cufflinks

Cufflinks have long been a prominent part of the men’s fashion industry with their masculine and heavy set designs. Jewel Tree London is here to change the game by presenting three unique and unisex cufflink designs that are lightweight and yet exude a gravitas that can be flaunted by anyone who so desires.

Rose Gold Cufflinks for Women

For the urban working woman who wants a pair of cufflinks that goes with her everyday necklace and earrings, we have the option of 18ct rose gold vermeil finish for the base metal. We also have gold and sterling silver cufflinks for those who like variety. A great addition to formal wear, they can be paired beautifully with other accessories such as cuff bracelets, stud earrings and gold necklaces.

Personalised Cufflinks for Men

Men can choose to personalise their cufflinks by opting for a custom stone as the centerpiece of our Urban Cufflink. This stone could be a birthstone, a stone of a specific colour or even a precious gem. Designed and handcrafted with love, these personalised cufflinks are a hit in the UK and also make for a fabulous present for the man in your life.